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Sorting Gauge
Item: GEM-0001-01

The SAFFRON Sorting Gauge provides direct digital readout as you pick up loose stones. It is the most convenient way for sorting gemstones of various sizes. No need to hold a tweezer in one hand and a gauge in the other.

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The refractive index or R.I. of a gemstone is one of the most useful piece of information to a gemologist. It differs, sometimes dramatically, between gemstones but is measurable and allows gemstones to be distinguished even when their refractive index differ only very slightly. However, the R.I. meter cannot check to see whether your diamonds are synthetic or HPHT color enhanced.


Likewise, most of the diamond screeners in the market that check to see whether your diamonds are possibly synthetic or not, requires a pre-check verification to determine that the gemstone is a diamond before the actual screening.


The Gemlogis LEO aims to overcome such deficiencies. It is designed to function either solely as a R.I meter, a colorless synthetic diamond screener for mounted stones or with both capabilities together for loose stones.


Product Highlights / Description:

  • 2 different modes to test loose or mounted (open-back ring) gemstones
  • Able to differentiate loose Diamonds, Moissanite, Simulants + CZ.
  • Patent Pending No. WO2017/025825A1
  • Dual testing method (IR / UV)


Product Specs:

Testing:           Loose melee, mounted ring with open-back

Testing:           0.01 to 12 ct

Range:             Colorless to near colorless gemstone (D-M)