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Gemlogis BELIZE | Synthetic Diamond Segregator

The World’s Best Diamond Tester

Gemlogis are the makers behind the industry’s best diamond testing machines, from handheld diamond testers to tabletop devices. All products have undergone in-depth R&D and extensive quality control to ensure the highest standards and only the best diamond testers are launched. Gemlogis’ diamond testing devices are trusted by many industry users worldwide, so look no further for a premium range of diamond testers for sale.

Diamond Tester with Patented Technology

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Synthetic Diamond Segregator

The industry’s first diamond testing device that features two probe tips for maximum accuracy. While other diamond testers for sale require two separate testers to identify a natural diamond, BELIZE’s patent technology allows it to test loose and mounted jewellery with a single device, making it one of the most convenient and accurate diamond testing machines available.

Most Trusted Natural Diamond Tester

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Synthetic Diamond Segregator

Gemlogis is a leading diamond tester manufacturer with aspirations to develop the best diamond testing machines for users across the globe. With the increased popularity of lab-grown diamonds, Gemlogis's tech team focuses their research and development on identifying natural earth-mined stones. The company strives for innovative advancements and owns multiple patented technologies, ensuring all diamond testing devices are unique and accurate.

Quality Diamond Tester for Sale

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Synthetic Diamond Segregator

Diamond testers' price varies depending on their function, and we aim to make the best diamond tester at the most affordable price. Our products range from diamond testers, color stone reference meters, measuring gauges, and natural diamond testers. Over the past decade, Gemlogis primarily produced premium quality handheld devices and now extends their range to desktop-sized diamond testing machines.

Why Gemlogis? Your trusted diamond tester manufacturer!

Gemlogis was co-founded by a gemmological precision engineer who brought early influence to the handheld diamond tester machine two decades ago. With headquarters in Hong Kong, a research center in Singapore, and its own manufacturing facilities in China, Gemlogis established its status as one of the market leaders for diamond testers and color stone meters. Throughout the years, Gemlogis worked closely with universities and gemmological institutes around the world to study and research various trends and technologies.


Gemlogis are the proud owners of several patented diamond testers for sale, and continues to come up with breakthrough features in handheld and desktop diamond testing machines.


Our natural diamond tester, such as VISTA and BELIZE, has been verified by trusted international sources like the ASSURE Program of the Natural Diamond Council. Our diamond tester price position is highly affordable for its quality control and unique features. So, if you want to work with the best diamond testers in the market, choose Gemlogis.

Diamond Testing Tools

Gemlogis has the diamond testing machine you need whether you are a diamond wholesaler, pawn broker, retail store, or jewellery designer. As a leading diamond tester manufacturer, we have an array of tools to assist your staff and business in detecting natural diamonds, moissanites, color stones, and CZ. Check out our range of the best diamond tester devices available.



Synthetic Diamond

A natural diamond tester is the tool for identifying natural earth-mined diamonds out of synthetics, potentially treated stones and Type IIa diamonds.


There are diamond testing devices for detecting loose or mounted stones, like the Gemlogis VISTA and VISTA PRO.


Alternatively, there is an all-in-one diamond tester like the BELIZE, which not only detects natural stones but also moissanite, simulants and Cubic Zirconia.


Find out more about our natural diamond tester prices and features.

Colorful Crystal


Diamond / Moissanite / Simulants

A diamond tester is a staple household tool every industry user needs. While diamond testers were first available around 20 years ago, technological advancements and constant enhancements make today's diamond testing machines more reliable and accurate.


Most of Gemlogis's handheld diamond testers for sale feature a function that connects wirelessly to the BLEU (sold separately). The BLEU is ideal for users who work with gemstones and offers an expansion reading for up to 29 color stones. Check out these quality diamond tester for sale.



Diamond / Gemstones

A measuring gauge is a handy tool to have around besides a diamond testing device.


Our SAFFRON sorting gauge differs from conventional gauges. It combines measuring and sorting at once, allowing users to finish their tasks in half the time. The SAFFRON is a highly popular product amongst diamond producers, wholesalers and jewellers working with gemstones or melee diamonds.

How to detect a synthetic or treated diamond with a Natural Diamond Tester?

It is time to know the difference between a genuine earth-mined diamond and a lab-grown one. Our BELIZE Natural Diamond Tester delivers the most accurate and reliable results when identifying a natural stone, moissanite or simulant.


Gemlogis supplies quality diamond testers with advanced technology to retail stores and users worldwide. Watch the video to learn about the BELIZE, developed by one of the best diamond tester manufacturers.

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Top quality diamond tester verified by ASSURE Testing Program

Only the best diamond testing machines are featured under the ASSURE Program by the Natural Diamond Council. The ASSURE program is an individual and trusted association that conducts thorough testing on natural diamond testers in the market. The ASSURE test report is a statement of approval for customers looking for the industry’s best diamond testing devices.

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User Testimonials of Our Diamond Testing Machines & Devices

"Hands-down the best"

We have 11 locations and have been in business for 35 years. This Gemlogis business diamond tester is hands-down the best diamond tester we have ever used. It is unmatched in its ability to reliably identify CZ’s, moissanite, and lab grown diamonds.

- Owner of chain store

"Absolutely the best for the money"

Competitive diamond tester prices. The Belize is absolutely the best diamond tester for the money.

- Chris Vandiver of Pronto Pawn, San Antonio Texas

"Very accurate and reliable"

Got our store a natural diamond tester and our staff immediately picked up a synthetic reading on one of the mounted stones. Their natural diamond testers are very accurate and reliable, but it requires some practice and learning before our staff can use it properly. They can’t live a day without these diamond testing machines now.

- Daniel, Jewellery Store Owner

"Worked perfectly"

I had purchased another diamond tester model from this same company, Gemlogis and used it for years because it worked perfectly. I read some reviews and decided to try one of the cheap diamond testers on eBay. It was horrible, so I looked for another from Gemlogis because they offer the best diamond testers.

- Kimmy, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"Reassurance to our cusotmers"

Best diamond tester device EVER! – We are a contemporary jewellery design house in Hong Kong and work with a lot of melees. Their diamond testing device allows us to check and ensure we offer only natural diamonds to our customers. It also gives our customers a visual reassurance when we check the ring/jewellery right in front of them.

- Francis, Jewellery Store Owner

"Simple and easy to operate"

Owned a diamond tester from years ago. I have been looking for another quality diamond tester for sale. Happened to come across Gemlogis at a trade show out in Vegas, the demonstration was simple and easy to operate and provided much more consistent and accurate results than my old one. Best diamond tester I ever owned for sure.

- Amber, Jewellery Designer

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Where can I find a local dealer
for the best diamond tester device?

Start testing with the best diamond tester device today! Don’t hesitate to email us and find out where the nearest reseller is. As a diamond tester manufacturer, we also welcome new distribution partners to join our growing business.

More on why Gemlogis has the best diamond testing machine – FAQs:

  • Why I am getting inconsistent results?
    Gemlogis testers require a certain level of user experience to handle properly: Make sure to clean the probe tip and remove oxidation Make sure to clean the surface of the gemstone to remove any grease and dirt Make sure the gemstones are at room temperature (remove from body/pocket to let it cool down) Make sure to point the probe tip at a perpendicular angle against a flat surface of the gemstone Make sure to allow the gemstone to cool down between consecutive tests Make sure to test different spots on the surface of the stones, due to the impurities on the stones, it may affect the results.
  • Why does moissanite indicate as diamond on some occasions?
    In some instances there may be a disproportional allocation of silicon carbide located on a moissanite; therefore, performing several tests on different spots (including the girdle) of the gemstone is recommended.
  • Can Gemlogis thermal testers detect uncut raw/uncut stone?
    Yes, as long as the stone has a clean & flat surface.
  • Will the size of the gemstone affect the test result?
    Yes. Smaller stones conduct less heat from the probe tip. Hence, the reading indicated may be slightly lower.
  • Why do blue diamond & black diamond indicate as moissanite or metal?
    Blue Diamond is a semiconductor due to the substitution of boron impurities in place of carbon atoms. Black Diamond is substituted with graphite or iron inclusions. Both blue and black diamond will indicate as moissanite or metal on the tester.
  • Why do I sometimes hear intermittent beeping when testing gemstones?
    Whenever the probe tip touches a metal surface, an intermittent beep will sound. This is only applicable to mounted gemstones.
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