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The Best Diamond Testing Equipment Kit

for jewelers, gemologists and industry testers.​​

In terms of the professional diamond testing kits for sale in the marketplace, Gemlogis is one of the leading brands of diamond testing equipment with pioneering technology since the last two decades. To differentiate earth-mined, lab-grown diamond, moissanite, diamond -simulants or different kinds of colorstones, the most trusted and best diamond testing equipment is what you need. 


Gemlogis is always focused on developing innovative as well as user-friendly diamond tester kits for industry users, by delivering the most accurate results in a simple and convenient way. Take a look at our diamond tester kits below!


Gemlogis diamond tester kits


Multi Tester

BLEU Colorstone Reference Meter


For Testing:

  • Diamond

  • Moissanite, Simulants

  • Loose + Mounted

For Displaying Results:

  • Diamond, Moissanite

  • Colorstones (Up to 29)

Works with Gemlogis BELIZE / MANTIS

The Gemlogis MANTIS can identify diamond, moissanite and simulant. This portable and wireless diamond testing equipment is custom-made for everyone. How is that? As Gemlogis is devoted to developing the best diamond testing equipment, that’s why MANTIS is designed for both left or right-hand users. You can simply choose between left and right hand modes, and the built-in visible violet light of MANTIS will detect the moissanite and give you an accurate result on the LCD Display without hesitation.


Together with BLEU, MANTIS + BLEU work as a powerful diamond tester kit to obtain more precise readings on diamond simulants. The Gemlogis BLEU is a color stone reference meter with cutting-edge technology to indicate up to 29 kinds of color stone types within few seconds, including diamond and moissanite.


MANTIS + BLEU is the highly convenient and user-friendly diamond testing kit for sale with the most affordable diamond tester kit price that surely would exceed your expectations. Shop now!


Multi Tester

VISTA Synthetic Diamond Segregator


For Testing:

  • Diamond

  • Moissanite, Simulants

  • Loose + Mounted

For Testing:

  • Natural Diamond, CVD, HPHT, Type IIa

  • Loose + Mounted (Open or Close back)

Lab-grown diamonds are getting more popular than before, and their crystal structure, chemical, physical and optical properties are almost the same as natural diamond. It is not easy to identify whether the gemstones are earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds with our unaided eyes. You may only have one choice by bringing the diamond to a laboratory for verification in the old days, requiring a higher budget to obtain a report. But ever since Gemlogis has created the patented VISTA diamond testing equipment, you can simply press a button and get a quick indication and reference based on the industry-approved technology.


With the aid of MANTIS + VISTA diamond tester kit, you can distinguish the gemstones and categorize diamonds into earth-mined or TYPE IIa/IaB diamond including HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) / CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), respectively.  Gemlogis VISTA is one of the most portable choices and the best diamond testing equipment that can screen both loose and mounted diamonds.


Buy the most advanced MANTIS + VISTA diamond tester kit to save your time and cost now!

What’s included in our diamond testing kits for sale

MANTIS 3.jpg


Multi Tester

The diamond testing equipment for everyone

Product Features:

  • In-Built Visible Violet Light for improved accuracy in identifying moissanites

  • LCD Display for both left / right hand users

  • ATC Solution caters to varying temperatures while using the diamond testing equipment

  • First Infrared design. Works seamlessly with BLEU

With Retractable tip, offers a more ergonomic testing angle

Technical Specs:

  • Testing Range: 0.02ct+

  • Color Range: Colorless diamond (D-J)

  • Dimensions (mm): 190 x 45 x 32

  • Weight (g): 76g

  • Battery Span (Hours): 3hrs non-stop usage, 720hrs standby mode

  • Factory Warranty: 12 months


Colorstone Reference Meter

The best diamond testing equipment to identify up to 29 gemstone types

Product Features:

  • Large-sized 3.5" touch screen LCD display

  • Can display more stone types in comparison to a static dial face display with limited space

  • Further differentiate stone types through color selection

  • Fool-proof test discs offers accuracy assurance

  • Cutting-edge infrared design

BLEU 2.jpg

Technical Specs:

  • Testing Range: Refer to MANTIS/BELIZE products

  • Color Range: Various types of color stones, as well as colorless stones

  • Dimensions (mm): 126H x 96W x23D

  • Weight (g): 18.5g

  • Battery Capacity (Hours): 5hrs non-stop usage, with 720hrs standby

  • Factory Warranty: 12 months



Synthetic Diamond Segregator

The most compact, patented and portable diamond testing equipment    

Product Features:

  • Tested and certified by ASSURE

  • Proprietary, and patented technology

  • Rapid identification of Earth-Mined Diamond, Type IIa/HPHT/CVD diamonds

  • Can be used to test loose stones and all types of mounted jewelry, like rings, pendants or earrings. Closed and open back.

  • Lithium battery with long life span.

  • Conveniently compact and portable

Technical Specs:

  • Testing Range: 0.01ct ~ 12ct

  • Color Range: Colorless (D-J)

  • Dimensions (mm): 98L x 41W x 110H

  • Weight (g): 300g

  • Battery Capacity (hours): 5hrs non-stop usage, with 720hrs standby

  • Factory Warranty: 12 months

More about Gemlogis diamond testing equipment & kits – FAQs:

  • Why I am getting inconsistent results?
    Gemlogis testers require a certain level of user experience to handle properly: Make sure to clean the probe tip and remove oxidation Make sure to clean the surface of the gemstone to remove any grease and dirt Make sure the gemstones are at room temperature (remove from body/pocket to let it cool down) Make sure to point the probe tip at a perpendicular angle against a flat surface of the gemstone Make sure to allow the gemstone to cool down between consecutive tests Make sure to test different spots on the surface of the stones, due to the impurities on the stones, it may affect the results.
  • Why does moissanite indicate as diamond on some occasions?
    In some instances there may be a disproportional allocation of silicon carbide located on a moissanite; therefore, performing several tests on different spots (including the girdle) of the gemstone is recommended.
  • Can Gemlogis thermal testers detect uncut raw/uncut stone?
    Yes, as long as the stone has a clean & flat surface.
  • Will the size of the gemstone affect the test result?
    Yes. Smaller stones conduct less heat from the probe tip. Hence, the reading indicated may be slightly lower.
  • Why do blue diamond & black diamond indicate as moissanite or metal?
    Blue Diamond is a semiconductor due to the substitution of boron impurities in place of carbon atoms. Black Diamond is substituted with graphite or iron inclusions. Both blue and black diamond will indicate as moissanite or metal on the tester.
  • Why do I sometimes hear intermittent beeping when testing gemstones?
    Whenever the probe tip touches a metal surface, an intermittent beep will sound. This is only applicable to mounted gemstones.
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