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Natural / Synthetic Diamond Detectors


VISTA & VISTA PRO Diamond Detectors

The portable and patented diamond detector devices available from Gemlogis​​

Diamond type classification is crucial information for gemologists, and even for buyers. Since the price, chemical impurities and physical properties of different kinds of diamonds vary a lot. Therefore, instead of guessing, we need the most advanced diamond detector device to help us classify the diamond type.


Gemlogis is the pioneer, the leading brand and the manufacturer of the most portable synthetic diamond detectors as well as natural diamond detectors of the industry. With its innovative devotion and forefront technology, Gemlogis has designed and produced the patented, user-friendly and accurate diamond detectors, VISA and VISTA PRO, to quickly identify the types of diamonds.      

Gemlogis VISTA:

Gemlogis VISTA is a highly compact and portable diamond detector device that allows users to identify between earth-mined diamonds, Type IIa/laB / HPHT / CVD diamonds instantly. This natural diamond detector is designed to test loose stones and both closed and open back mounted diamonds, such as ring, pendant or earrings.


The VISTA diamond detector has also obtained “ASSURE tested & certified”, the most trusted third-party program in the industry for assessing diamond verification instruments. The inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery allows usage for 5 hours continuously, and it comes with a reasonable diamond detector price that you won’t hesitate to get one.

Gemlogis VISTA PRO:

The Gemlogis VISTA PRO synthetic diamond detector is an alternative if you need to verify the diamonds on bulky bracelets or necklaces. The VISTA PRO diamond detector has all the same cutting-edge features as the VISTA, except there is a larger capacity for handling bigger jewelry.


VISTA PRO offers you with an affordable diamond detector machine price as well, and all the Gemlogis’ products come with a universal charger, which makes no worry on charging even when you are in a different country.       

Comparing Gemlogis diamond detector devices

Let’s see all the details and comparison between VISTA and VISTA PRO below,
and choose the most suitable diamond detector price and spec for your business now!


gem-product vista 1.jpg



Product Nature

  • Natural Diamond Detector

  • Synthetic Diamond Detector   

Test Subjects

  • Natural Diamond

  • CVD, HPHT, Type IIa/laB

  • Loose stones

  • Mounted jewelry e.g. rings, pendants or earrings

  • Bulky bracelets or necklaces

  • Closed and open back mounting jewelry

Product Features

  • Patented Technology

  • ASSURE tested & certified

  • Highly compact and portable

  • Generate result quickly

  • Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery

Technical Specs

  • Testing Range: 0.01ct ~ 12ct

  • Color Range: Colorless (D-J)

  • Automatic power down to optimize battery life span

Product Package

  • Diamond Detector Device x 1

  • Universal Charger x 1

Diamond Detector Machine Price (USD$)

More about Gemlogis diamond detector machine prices & specs – FAQs:

  • Why I am getting inconsistent results?
    Gemlogis testers require a certain level of user experience to handle properly: Make sure to clean the probe tip and remove oxidation Make sure to clean the surface of the gemstone to remove any grease and dirt Make sure the gemstones are at room temperature (remove from body/pocket to let it cool down) Make sure to point the probe tip at a perpendicular angle against a flat surface of the gemstone Make sure to allow the gemstone to cool down between consecutive tests Make sure to test different spots on the surface of the stones, due to the impurities on the stones, it may affect the results.
  • Why does moissanite indicate as diamond on some occasions?
    In some instances there may be a disproportional allocation of silicon carbide located on a moissanite; therefore, performing several tests on different spots (including the girdle) of the gemstone is recommended.
  • Can Gemlogis thermal testers detect uncut raw/uncut stone?
    Yes, as long as the stone has a clean & flat surface.
  • Will the size of the gemstone affect the test result?
    Yes. Smaller stones conduct less heat from the probe tip. Hence, the reading indicated may be slightly lower.
  • Why do blue diamond & black diamond indicate as moissanite or metal?
    Blue Diamond is a semiconductor due to the substitution of boron impurities in place of carbon atoms. Black Diamond is substituted with graphite or iron inclusions. Both blue and black diamond will indicate as moissanite or metal on the tester.
  • Why do I sometimes hear intermittent beeping when testing gemstones?
    Whenever the probe tip touches a metal surface, an intermittent beep will sound. This is only applicable to mounted gemstones.
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