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The thermal conductivity of a gemstone is one of the most useful information to a gemologist. It is also easily obtainable with the use of Gemlogis BELIZE/MANTIS*. The Gemlogis Bleu is designed to further expand the Simulant readings. It features a 3.5” Touch LCD to display up to 30 types of gemstones, including diamond and moissanite. A digital panel allows user to select the colour of the gemstone to give a more definitive indication about the type of gemstone.

*BLEU must work in-conjunction with the Gemlogis MANTIS/BELIZE

BLEU LCD Colorstone Meter

SKU: GEM-0008-01
    • Large 3.5" Touch screen LCD display

    • Displays more stone types compared to a static dial face display with limited space

    • Further segregate stone types by color selection

    • Includes fool-proof test discs to ensure accuracy

    • Innovative infrared design

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