The SAFFRON Sorting Gauge provides direct digital readout as you pick up loose stones. It is the most convenient way for sorting gemstones of various sizes. No need to hold a tweezer in one hand and a gauge in the other.

SAFFRON Sorting Gauge

SKU: GEM-0001-01
    • Choose between Tweezer or Table Top method

    • Accurate to 0.01mm

    • Patented design. Highly efficient and convenient

    • Pickup and measure stones in less than 1 second

    • Testing Range: 0.01mm ~ 15mm (Loose stone)

    • Color Range: N/A

    • Dimensions (mm): 105 x 98 x 25

    • Weight (g): 98g

    • Battery Life (Hrs): 60hrs non-stop, 2160hrs standby

    • Warranty: Factory 12 months