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Gemlogis VISTA is designed to screen both loose and mounted diamonds. It can detect stones set on both OPEN and CLOSED BACK mounting and is one of the most portable devices that can quickly identify mounted jewellery.

VISTA Synthetic Diamond Segregator

SKU: GEM-0018-01
    • ASSURE tested & certified

    • Patented Technology

    • Quick identify between Earth-Mined Diamond, Type IIa/HPHT/CVD Diamond

    • Capable to test loose stones and all types of mounted jewelry, such as ring, pendant or earrings. Closed and open back.

    • Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery

    • Highly compact and portable


    • Testing Range: 0.01ct ~ 12ct

    • Color Range: Colorless (D-J)

    • Dimensions (mm): 98L x 41W x 110H

    • Weight (g): 300g

    • Battery Life (Hrs): 5hrs non-stop, 720hrs standby

    • Warranty: Factory 12 months

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